When values drive the figures

New Technologies & Sustainability

Ideas that build on the meaningfulness of life and work, and generate added value economically and socially – shaping the future. Abirom itself has set the goal to promote and develop projects based on the principle of sustainability and renewable energy and thus bring real added value for our future.

Sustainable thinking and behavior in a business context means defining growth from the perspective of potential. We use potential and promote high-tech developments to create completely new product developments from renewable raw materials.

From each of these development projects, marketable companies are founded and further developments are advanced.

Abirom is, among other things, a good one for

  • Development of natural cosmetics (creams, soaps, oils etc.)
  • Use of bamboo fiber for textile, construction & plastic products
  • Development of a 100% recyclable disposable packaging
  • Development and use of free energy

Development of natural cosmetics

First-class compatibility and sustainable care are of primary importance to Abirom. Because quality and sustainability belong together, if business is to be equally meaningful for humans, society and nature. This meaningful approach starts with the product idea and accompanies the raw materials to the finished product during further processing.

High-quality natural cosmetics with fresh, natural ingredients cannot be mass-produced goods. We manufacture high-quality products in limited quantities, which we market directly through our subsidiary’s online shop.

The manufacturing process follows our principle – the quality of the products results from the high-quality natural ingredients. Animal experiments are neither carried out nor commissioned during production or development. The abandonment of petroleum products such as paraffins, silicones, synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives is natural for us as a natural cosmetics manufactory.

Our concern is to further process high-quality and natural raw materials and to make the first-class compatibility available to a quality-conscious clientele.

Consulting & Interim Management

In a globalized world, it is vital for any company to be enthusiastic about their own values. Against this background, we impart knowledge and create growth. Values, knowledge, growth – especially medium-sized companies in a wide variety of areas benefit from this.

Whether controlling, finance and accounting, whether restructuring, rehabilitation consulting or corporate succession, with Abirom you have the right partner at your side. We advise you in all situations that may arise for a company:

Strategic alliances (joint venture, mergers), corporate finance, investments, development of investment solutions – and also with issues that are not transparent from the outside, such as cost subsidies and subsidies by municipalities, federal states, federal states or the EU or the development of investment solutions for raising equity capital (venture capital , Private Equity Capital, Mezzanine Capital).

Boost Your Opportunities Through Successful Mergers & Acquisitions – Achieve More Efficiency And Growth In Existing Business! Our approach perfectly aligns acquisition strategy, careful due diligence and merger integration.

In a company’s lifecycle, there are times when proven specialists have to take the helm: reorganizations under time pressure, fundamental restructuring, realignment of companies or branches of business, avoidance of insolvency or the immediate bridging of vacancies. The interim managers selected by Abirom are proven specialists who are able to take on different roles from General Manager to the management of specialist departments.

For us very important: In addition to the technical skills they have social skills, communication and learning skills as well as strong change know-how.

Real Estate Development & Management

Sustainable real estate development – that is, integrating aspects such utilization, operation and space efficiency from the outset . Most investors still only consider the construction costs as the important factor. We also take this into account, of course, but an understanding of values and social aspects also plays a major role for us. This pays off, because comprehensive requirement planning and the right operating concept create an economically meaningful and therefore sustainable solution.

You can always be sure that the residential or commercial project design is completely thought-out and projected from real values – including a site analysis and return calculations. And if you are planning to relocate your business, we will find a suitable property or develop a new one that exactly matches your requirements. In addition to our expertise and our experience, our wide-ranging network is very useful in this case. It also advantageous for management of real estate.

Abirom Academy

A recognizable corporate culture, cooperation put into practice, defined by values and success, for companies this means being perceived as a responsible and trustworthy partner.

The Abirom Academy offers an extensive program of seminars, which imparts knowledge and creates growth. Our topics are based on the state of our consulting services, controlling, finance and accounting, corporate succession and restructuring consulting, strategic alliances (joint ventures, mergers), advise on corporate finance, investment, grants and funding from county, state and federal government or the EU and development of investment solutions.

To achieve these goals, we rely on planning processes, intermediate objectives and consistent implementation. But above all, on reliable values that always form the basis for our corporate developments. For us it is clear, no growth without the knowledge and values!

There are values and potentials that meaningfully affect life and work in our time. To recognize and develop them is our strategy. Because growth is when good numbers are driven by values. This thinking is the basis for all Abirom seminars.